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Buffalo chicken dip
well, the jury is still out on the whole low-carb thing for me . . . but of all the complaints I hear from people who have tried low-carb and failed, it's that there's not much in the way of variety on such a diet.  I will admit that even **I**, your most talented and cullinarily creative cheap chef, have spent many tortured moments standing in front of the cupboard completely dumbfounded about what to fix.  Not to worry!  you don't have to fire up the grill or make patties or choke down lunchmeat for the 1000th time with the following recipe:  

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Preheat your oven to 350

2 cans chunk white meat chicken
6 tablespoons butter
1 bottle frank's red hot 

Melt the butter in a good sized sauce pan and combine the red hot sauce and chicken.  Break up the chunks so that it looks more like shredded chicken.  Heat through.

1 pkg cream cheese
bottle of ranch or blue cheese dressing

Spread the cream cheese along the bottom of a round pyrex dish.  Once the bottom is covered, pour your chicken mixture on top.  then make a criss cross pattern with the ranch on top of the chicken and in the hollow squares, put a few shreds of mozzerella.  sprinkle the whole thing lightly with parm and then put it in the oven for 15 minutes or until mixture is bubbly.

Cut up some:

sugar snap peas

Use the vegetables INSTEAD of chips to dip into the sauce.  There's virtually NO CARBS in this meal and it tastes almost like something you could get from Buffalo Wild Wings . . . AND it's made all under 15 minutes!  


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